January 2024 Newsletter

February 7th 2024

December and January have been busy months for us here at Binghamton Motorsports. Manufacturing is at its peak as we aim to begin testing this spring!


Frame has completed the driveshaft tunnel, splash shield, and added our final members. We will be focusing on documentation as we finish the manufacturing phase. Electronics is working on new sensor systems as we have completed the vehicle harness and safety shutdown circuit. Powertrain is currently researching different engaging rpm weights for the continuously variable transmission (CVT), and the motor is being prepared to test for electronics and CVT compatibility. We’ve successfully completed manufacturing and installing the transfer case, driveshaft, and u-joint assembly! Suspension is currently finishing welding our components and working on next year’s suspension designs. Driver controls has started the semester off strong by making substantial progress with both the throttle and braking mechanics on the vehicle. The brake and throttle pedals have been mounted to the vehicle, and cables are being manufactured and installed. We are looking forward to testing our subsystems soon!


Accumulator is sitting at ten complete modules with most testing done individually! Orion battery management crimping is ongoing and the external accumulator structure got some upgrades and a new paint job. We’re making lots of progress and preparing for a full power test on the motor test stand. This month we will be finishing the crimping and wiring of the BMS, fitment of the modules in the container, and full system testing. Aerodynamics is currently machining mounting for the front wing and an EV2 drag reduction system prototype. Various prototypes for EV2 components are also currently being tested in the wind tunnel. Drivetrain has rerouted brake lines and designed a new pedal box with new finite element analysis completed. We are working on bleeding brakes, machining parts for the new pedal box, and the assembly and testing of the new pedal box. Frame has added new triangulation to the chassis for SES compliance and installed an accumulator gantry winch. Currently we are making tube notching drawings for EV2. Tractive has designed various enclosures and improved many PCB designs. We’ve also completed high voltage wiring in SolidWorks to aid in the assembly of the wiring harness. With the successful design of the AIL and TSAL PCBs (along with the ECU and Shutdown PCBs made by GLV) this is the team’s first time using Fusion360 to design PCBs.

Fun fact: There are over 2300 individual spot welds across all the accumulator modules!